22 June 2023

June Updates from Circle

Ivy Farquhar
Ivy Farquhar

The latest updates from the Circle team are below!

Water Heater Audit: It has come to Circle’s attention that some of our Tenants pay the rental cost of their water heater, while others do not. We're planning to make this equal by taking on the cost of all primary water heater rentals in our homes. If you are a Circle Tenant and are currently paying a rental fee for your water heater (or if you’re not sure if you are paying for it or not), please email a scan or picture of your bill to maintenance@circlelandtrust.ca. You can also mail a copy of your bill to the address on our contact page.

Ecofitt/CLEAResult Energy Retrofit Inspections: Circle is currently working with the company Ecofitt/CLEAResult to take advantage of programs that are available to improve energy efficiency in the homes. These programs can provide updates that include topping-up insulation, replacement of inefficient appliances, and more, resulting in lower energy costs and improved comfort. Ecofitt/CLEAResult has already started program assessments for some Circle homes – Watch out for a call from them to book yours. Please contact Kathy Kurtz if you have any questions: kathy.kurtz@circlelandtrust.ca, 437-781-8432 ext 207. These opportunities are available because Circle is participating in Enbridge's Home Winterproofing Program, and the IESO's Energy Assistance Program. You can learn more about these programs at the links below. Please note that all Circle homes are eligible for assessment.


Circle is looking for Tenant input on our Mission & Vision! Please get in touch with Ivy if you would like to know more, and get involved, at community@circlelandtrust.ca, or 437-781-8432 ext 3.

Wishing all of our Tenants and families are happy and healthy summer!

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