21 April 2023

Repair & Renovation Updates

Ivy Farquhar
Ivy Farquhar

One of Circle’s top priorities as the new owner of over 550 houses is to bring all the homes into a state of good repair over the next five years. We know that Tenants have been waiting for updates, and want to learn more about the next steps in making this vision a reality. 

A Five Year Plan for Longterm Solutions

Repairing and renovating so many homes in five years is a big undertaking. The good news is that Circle is going to do the work properly, rather than turning to bandaid solutions. But it’s going to take time to get it all done, while also attending to the many day-to-day maintenance needs that come up. Because there are so many homes in need of major repairs, Circle will be addressing those in the worst condition first, and systematically working through the rest according to severity. We know that this may be frustrating for some Tenants to hear, since many of you have long-standing issues in your homes. Our team appreciates your patience as we work through the very long list.

Since we took ownership in Summer 2022, our two full-time home inspectors have been performing an average of 15 inspections per week, so that Circle can get a complete picture of the work required. From there, our Asset Management team has been using the findings to formulate repair and renovation plans to tackle everything efficiently and equitably in the coming months, and years. If you are a Circle Tenant, you'll be receiving a letter in the mail that gives specific details about the findings from your home inspection. You can also take a look at the infographic below to get an overview of our plans and timelines.

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