23 June 2021

We’ve been looking forward to this moment

Joy Connelly
Joy Connelly, President, Circle Community LandTrust

If you live in a TCHC single family house in Toronto’s east end, Scarborough, North York, York or Etobicoke, you will have already heard the news: that the City of Toronto is preparing to transfer the ownership of your home to Circle Community LandTrust. 

The transfer won’t happen until mid-2022. But this is a special moment for Circle because, for the first time since the City issued its formal Request for Proposals in 2019, Circle is at last able to talk directly to the tenants living in the homes we hope to own and manage. 

When Circle was first incorporated in 2017, we benefitted immensely from meeting with a small group of tenants. Some were members of the original Tenants4Social Housing group formed a decade ago. Others were simply intrigued at the potential for a greater say in the future of their homes. Together this Tenant Advisory Group informed Circle’s proposed governance structure, our draft tenant engagement plan and some of our tenant-facing policies.

We also learned from the report on the Tenant Network Meetings held in the Spring, 2019, summarizing the recommendations of the 215 tenants convened by peer workers hired by St. Stephen’s (now The Neighbourhood Group). 

We are now looking forward to hearing much more from our future tenants. If you live in a TCHC “scattered house” east of Yonge or live in a house in North York, York or Etobicoke, then we want to hear from you.

  • Come to one of the Webex meeting hosted by the City’s Tenants First Team on Tuesday, July 6th at 6 pm, Thursday, July 8th 1 pm or Saturday, July 10th at 1 pm. Sign-up details are available at www.toronto.ca/tenantsfirst .
  • Check out our Questions? We’ve Got Answers page. If you have questions we haven’t answered, contact us. The main things to know: you will not lose your home, and your rent will not increase, because of this transfer.
  • Join the Tenant Advisory Group to continue the good work of the original advisory group. The format of the group will depend on how many people want to participate. Stay tuned.
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What happens next?

For the tenants living in TCHC’s “scattered unit” houses, life will go on as usual until the transfer begins in mid-2022. 

For Circle, it will be a whirlwind of activity. This week we are starting a 6-month due diligence process. We will use this time to inspect all vacant houses, heritage houses and a sample of the remaining houses. We will also be working closely with TCHC and the City to plan the transition process, hiring our staff, and setting up management and back office systems.

We look forward to using this website to help keep tenants up-to-date on this transition.  

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