Who We Are

About Us
Circle Community LandTrust was founded to protect and invest in some of the last affordable family-sized homes in Toronto.
Our Vision
Quality, family-sized, perpetually affordable homes in inclusive communities to serve today's tenants and future generations.
Our Mission
To protect and invest in our scattered house portfolio to foster stability, opportunity and community for our tenants and to grow Toronto's affordable housing stock.
Our Founding Objectives
Affordable Forever
As a land trust, we will ensure the homes remain affordable in perpetuity.
Stand Together
Circle will use the scale of our operations to ensure no tenant and no house is left behind.
Tenants at the Centre
A quality home is one that promotes each tenant's well-being. We will support that well-being by offering tenants a say in the repair and improvement of their homes, making homes truly livable, and creating opportunities for training, employment, community, and participation in Circle's governance.
A Stronger Non-Profit Sector
We will collaborate with other non-profit organizations to make the most effective use of the sector's strengths to the benefit of all.
A Foundation for Growth
As the houses are brought into good repair, we will begin to apply operating surpluses to grow Toronto's affordable housing stock.
CHFT has been working with land trusts for over 30 years. They are one of the best ways to ensure housing stays affordable in the long term. I am proud to be a Director of Circle LandTrust.
Tom Clement
Executive Director, Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto and founding Circle Board Member
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