Who We Are

What We Do
Circle is preserving affordable housing in mixed income neighborhoods, fostering inclusive communities that residents are proud to call home.
The Plan
In June 2021 the City of Toronto chose Circle Community LandTrust as the successful proponent to own and manage 550+ houses now owned by Toronto Community Housing.
Circle’s tasks upon transfer
Become the new landlord for all tenants living in the stand-alone houses. Circle will assume responsibility for all debts and operating costs associated with the houses and receive rents and rent subsidies
Refinance the houses to bring them to a good state of repair. Over the next ten years, Circle will secure $70 Million to eliminate the capital backlog on these houses. We also have a robust maintenance budget for day-to-day repairs and will contribute money each year to a reserve fun for future capital needs.
Launch a major capital
renewal program with a focus on tenant health and safety, habitability and reducing each house’s environmental footprint.
Maintain and increase the number of rent-geared-to-income houses. This ensures the houses continue to serve families with low and moderate incomes
Partner with Wigwamen Incorporated and Sojourn House to refer and support Indigenous and refugee families
Be publicly accountable.
Circle will be accountable under an operating agreement with the City of Toronto.
The Benefits

When we work together,
everyone benefits.

Freedom from the worry their homes will be sold. Better service from specialists in scattered unit management. Greater control over their own house and their own future.
Immediate relief from a capital repair backlog estimated in 2020 at $70 Million, and the opportunity to focus their energies on their core mandate.

The preservation of over 550 family-sized affordable houses – housing that would be impossible to replace in today’s market – in mixed income neighbourhoods.
These homes have come a long way to their forever home within Circle where they will remain affordable to tenants.
Sherri Williams
Former McLure Crescent tenant and long-time advocate for TCHC'sstand alone houses
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